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Sports and Youth Activities Communication Counselor


Bullying, harassment, and violence of any kind are not accepted in sports and youth activities. The communication counselor’s goal is to contribute to a safe environment within sports and youth activities. Children, teenagers, and adults, regardless of their gender or position in any way, should be able to participate in sports and youth activities and get help and seek their rights concerning any incidents and misdeeds, without fearing the consequences.

Who can consult the communication counselor?

The Sports and Youth Activities Communication Counselor operates within the field of organized activities and youth associations operating on the base of the youth activities laws, and parties that have made an agreement with the Ministry of Education and children.


Anyone who participates in organized sports or youth associations can consult the communication counselor regarding any bullying or violence they believe they have suffered in their sports or youth activities.

I have the right to respect, tolerance, and bodily privacy in all sports and youth activities. I also respect the privacy of others.

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You can report incidents here

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