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The communication counselor guides those who seek assistance with incidents of wrongdoing or harassment that have taken place in organized sports and youth activities. They assist in making formal complaints to the relevant authorities and promote the state and municipal services available.


This is an essential part of the communication counselor’s service to help individuals, groups, and clubs work with bullying, harassment, or violence. When the communication counselor is consulted, a specific process is followed. 


The communication counselor’s services are always free of charge.

The communication counselor's procedure​

  1. You approach us with an inquiry, comment, complaint, or report.

  2. The communication counselor invites you to an interview, and together you agree on a time and date that works.

  3. The interview takes place, and further information is gathered.

  4. Based on this information, and according to your wishes, the course of the case is decided.

  5. If needed, the communication counselor reaches out to other parties to the case, with your input.

  6. The communication counselor can help you process the case.

  7. If needed, the communication counselor provides a recommendation to the relevant parties.

  8. The communication counselor monitors the case and evaluates whether necessary changes have been made.


The communication counselor is located at Domus Mentis Mental Health Clinic and processes all cases with professionalism and integrity in mind.

You can find the code of ethics for psychologists here (IS)

Jumping Over Water

The reactions of others have an impact on victims. Support and positive responses can make a big difference, increase
a victim's well-being, and help throughout the process.

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